How to Run a Mission

To run a Mission,

1. Click Run a Mission

2. Find a Mission that you want to run

3. Click "Accept Mission" or "Make an Offer" and confirm with your university e-mail address and password.

That's it.

- If this is your first Mission, you will have to validate your university e-mail address before you are awarded the Mission.

- Some Missions can be accepted right away, for others you can only make an offer. You may offer any price you like for a Mission, and you will receive an email if the Client accepts your offer.

- Once you are awarded a Mission, either by accepting it directly or if your offer is accepted by a Client, you are responsible for the completion of that Mission before it becomes due.

- When you have completed this Mission, simply mark the Mission as Accomplished. When the Client confirms Mission Accomplished, you will immediately be paid through PayPal. You don't have to set up a PayPal account before you run a Mission; PayPal will send an email to your university e-mail address when money has been received in your name.