How to Post a Mission

To Post a Mission,

1. Click Post a Mission

2. Describe your Mission and how much you are willing to pay an Agent to do it.

3. Enter your credit card and contact information

That's it.

Here's what happens next:

- Your credit card is NOT charged! It costs nothing to Post a Mission; you are only charged when the Agent has successfully completed your Mission. As a Client, you have full control over how much you pay for your Mission; you can offer any price you like, or you can accept offers from Agents.

- Once an Agent accepts your mission, you will be notified via e-mail. If you have elected to accept offers from Agents, you will be notified whenever an Agent makes you an offer.

- After completing your Mission, the Agent will mark the Mission as Accomplished, and you will receive an e-mail asking you to Confirm Mission Accomplished. If the Agent forgets to mark the Mission as Accomplished or does not have access to a computer, you will receive this email when the Due Date that you set for the Mission is passed.

- If you confirm Mission Accomplished, your credit card will be charged, and the Agent will be paid. If you mark the Mission as Failed, you will not be charged, and the Agent will not be paid. If you take no action in 48 hours, the Mission will be automatically marked as Accomplished, you will be charged and the Agent will be paid. (You will receive another reminder email 24 hours before this.)