How it works

What is Agent Anything?

Agent Anything was created to address the needs of two groups of people:

Busy, hardworking people who don't have time to accomplish all their daily tasks or who need an occasional hand, and

College students who want to make some money but need to fit their work around class, practice and more.

Agent Anything brings these two groups of people together and helps them set up a fair trade of resources: a bit of busy people's money for a bit of college students' time.

Clients and Agents

On, there are Clients and Agents.

Clients are just people who need to get something done.

Maybe you work too late to make it to the dry-cleaner's; maybe you need to hire a few people to hand out flyers for your new business; maybe you've got a million things to do and need someone to walk your dog, run to the pharmacy, pick-up a last minute gift, whatever. It doesn't matter, Agents can do ANYTHING.

Agents are current university students.

Do you start class late on Tuesdays? Do you have a 2-hour lunch-break on Thursdays? Do you have Fridays off? You can spend those free hours playing video games (GoldenEye for N64 we hope), or, once in a while, you can run a couple of Missions and make enough money to go out on the weekend. All you need is a valid university e-mail address.


For more information please visit our Agent FAQs or Client FAQs.